DIRECTIONS (Q. 66-70) : Rearrange the following sentences (A), (B), (C), (D) (E) and (F) into a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below it.

(A) Moreover salaries in public sector enterprises are not as competitive as those offered by private or foreign corporate, connection
(B) This trend should be a wake up call for stakeholders to examine why employees are seeking better opportunities with private companies in India and abroad.
(C) Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) have been experiencing severe challenges in attracting motivating and retaining their key staff.
(D) Having identified these as the reasons employees leave PSEs it is important empower stakeholders to find ways to remedy the situation.
(E) One reason is that young employees lured away to private firms are more willing to undertake professional risks.
(F) Employees in specialist roles especially have become increasingly difficult to retain.

66. Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
(e) E

67. Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
(e) F

68. Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
(e) E

69. Which of the following should be FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
(e) E

70. Which of the following should be the LAST (SIXTH) sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
(e) E

DIRECTIONS (Q. 71-80) : In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fills the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Traditional bank architecture is based on bank branches. These branches ensure the physical (71) of a customer’s savings. A customer may go there to deposit and withdraw money, (72) loans and (73) in other financial transactions. In the past two decades banking architecture has changed the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has been a big (74) and credit and debit cards have created new financial spaces. (75) the bank branch has remained the bedrock of the banking system after all a person needs a bank account in a branch before he can operate a debit or ATM card. This may be about to change as technocrats now (76) cell phones as the new architecture of virtual banks. This has the potential to make branches (77). Cell phone banking looks especially relevant for India, since it can penetrate the countryside cheaply and (78). The world over cell phones are spearing at a (79) rate and in India alone new cell phone connection are growing at the rate of six million a month a rate of customer (80) that no bank can dream of.

71. (a) Knowledge (b) security
(c) presence (d) confidentiality
(e) guarantee

72. (a) negotiate (b) advance
(c) credit (d) disburse
(e) sanction

73. (a) pursue (b) interact
(c) operate (d) enable
(e) engage

74. (a) drawback (b) hurdle
(c) consequence (d) luxury
(e) innovation

75. (a) Despite (b) Although
(c) Even (d) Yet
(e) Until

76. (a) View (b) realize
(c) Display (d) engineer
(e) assess

77. (a) essential (b) obsolete
(c) extant (d) retreat
(e) expired

78. (a) moderately (b) occasionally
(c) compulsorily (d) indiscriminately
(e) effectively

79. (a) phenomenal (b) gradual
(c) proportionate (d) competitive
(e) projected

80. (a) discount (b) base
(c) expansion (d) satisfaction
(e) relationship

DIRECTIONS (Q. 81-85) : Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

81. In an effort to provide ……………. for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing education without adequate infrastructure, thus churning out ……………. graduates every year.
(a) chances, fresh
(b) platform, capable
(c) opportunities, unemployable
(d) prospects, eligible
(e) policy, incompetent

82. The move to allow dumping of mercury ……………. An outcry from residents of the area who …………….that high levels of mercury will affect their health and destroy ecologically sensitive forest area.
(a) resulted, insist (b) provoked, fear
(c) incited, determined (d) activated, accept
(e) angered, believe

83. Even as the …………….elsewhere in the world are struggling to come out of recession, Indian consumers are splurging on consumer goods and to …………….this growth, companies are investing heavily in various sectors.
(a) economies, meet (b) countries, inhibit
(c) governments, measure (d) nations, inflict
(e) companies, counter

84. Drawing attention to the pitfalls of……………. solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors, Indian scientists warned that Uranium will not last for long and thus research on Thorium as its must be revived.
(a) using, substitute
(b) believing, replacement
(c) depending, reserve
(d) reckoning, option
(e) relying, alternative

85. has been taken against some wholesale drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without a valid license and maintaining a stock of …………….drugs.
(a) Note, overwhelming (b) Step, impressive
(c) Execution, outdated (d) Action, expired
(e) Lawsuit, invalid

DIRECTIONS (Q. 86-90) : Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence? If none of the sentences is appropriate, mark
(e) i.e., ‘None of the above’ as the answer.

86. Overlooking the fact that water scarcity intensifies during summer, …………
(a) the government issued guidelines to all builders to limit their consumption to acceptable limits
(b) provision for rainwater harvesting has been made to aid irrigation in drought prone area
(c) the water table did not improve even after receiving normal monsoon in the current year
(d) many residential areas continue to use swimming pools, wasting large quantities water
(e) None of the above

87. Refuting the rationale behind frequent agitations for formation of separate states, a recent report …………
(a) proved that such agitations result in loss of governmental property
(b) indicated that the formation of small states does not necessarily improve the economy
(c) suggested that only large scale agitations have been effective in bringing out desired change in the past
(d) recommended dividing large states into smaller ones to improve governance
(e) None of the above

88. Achieving equality for women is not only a laudable goal, …………..
(a) political reforms are also neglected preventing women from entering legislatures and positions of power
(b) the problem is also deep rooted in the society and supported by it
(c) their empowerment is purposefully hampered by people with vested interests in all sections of the society
(d) it is also equally difficult to achieve and maintain for a long term
(e) None of the above

89. he has lost most of his life’s earning in the stock market but …………………
(a) he still seems to be leading his life luxuriously and extravagantly
(b) he could not save enough to repay his enormous debts
(c) stock market is not a safe option to invest money unless done with caution
(d) experts have been suggesting to avoid investments in stock market because of its unpredictable nature
(e) None of the above

90. ……………..or else they would not keep electing him year after year.
(a) The party leader gave a strong message to the mayor for improving his political style
(b) Owing to numerous scandals against the mayor, he was told to resign from the post immediately
(c) The mayor threatened the residents against filing a complaint against him
(d) The residents must really be impressed with the political style of their mayor
(e) None of the above



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